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Wednesday, January 02, 2008


Tomorrow it begins. To be really honest, I don't care who wins the GOP nomination, as long as it isn't Huckabee. I'm quite ok with Rudy, Romney, McCain or Thompson. I'm not in love with any of them. I went from supporting Romney, then Thompson, then Rudy. Right now I'm flirting with supporting McCain. I've long since realized that there's rarely, if ever, a perfect candidate whose views line up neatly with mine.


I try to look at it not as finding the candidate whose views line up most with mine but about casting the vote which I predict will (have a tiny part of) resulting in an America I most want to see happen. That means I take into account electability in the primary, the ability to inspire the American people, and the political skills necessary to get done what I want to get done.
I'm leaning toward Rudy for now, with Thompson rising, and Romney worrying me slightly. I've never been a McCain fan.

In the other race, I'm rooting for Hillary right now. The sooner she finishes everyone off the sooner everyone can realize just why they don't want her to be President.

Honestly, though, the little bits I've seen from the debates has me wondering how she hasn't crushed the rest of them already. She's the only one with any sense of what is realistic from what I've seen. At least she understands what is completely foolish and some of what works and what doesn't, even if I strongly disagree with her views.

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