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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Why On Earth Wasn't This Declassified Months Ago???

That's what I'm wondering after reading this article in today's NY Times.

Israel’s military, which has been accused of abuses in its war against Hezbollah this summer, has declassified photographs, video images and prisoner interrogations to buttress its accusation that Hezbollah systematically fired from civilian neighborhoods in southern Lebanon and took cover in those areas to shield itself from attack...

...In video from July 23, a truck with a multi-barreled missile launcher, presumably from Hezbollah, is parked in a street, sandwiched between residential buildings. The video was transmitted from an Israeli missile approaching the truck. The screen goes fuzzy as the missile slams into the target.

In another video, from a Lebanese village, rockets are seen being fired from a launcher on the back of a truck. The truck then drives a short distance and disappears inside a building. Seconds later, the building itself disappears under a cloud of smoke from an Israeli bomb....

...Muhammad Srour, a young Hezbollah fighter, said he had initially received training in Iran and was undergoing further training in eastern Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley when the war broke out. He was sent to the front lines.

Like many Hezbollah fighters, he traveled by motorbike, but they were frequently the targets of Israeli forces. While transporting missiles, hidden in cloth, in and around the southern village of Aita al Shaab, “I carried a white flag,” Mr. Srour said.

If this stuff was released during the war, perceptions would have bcompletelyetly different. This is a common problem for Israel, they always seem to release evidence way after everyone has made up there minds.


It often depends on how they got the info/video. If they feel that declassifying it will endanger one of their own, they will lose face to keep that person alive. But it does seem strange...
Maybe it's a bureaucratic problem. The people who analyze videos from missiles are probably not thinking about PR.

I can't believe this will change anyone's mind anyway. Anybody who knows anything should have already known this was the case.

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