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Monday, December 04, 2006

A Plea To All The Bloggers Out There

Many bloggers, including myself, don't use Haloscan, so we're stuck with whatever Blogger gives us.

For some reason, the default timestamp for Blogger comments only include the time and not the date of the comment. This is really annoying, as it is impossible to tell if a comment thread is still active, or has wrapped up several days ago. This can be remedied rather quickly in Blogger under Settings->Comments->Comments Timestamp Format.

Please make the necessary changes. This means you (in no particular order), Orthomom, Noyam, Jewish Atheist, Eli7, Irina, Krum, DAG, and there are plenty of others out there. Feel free to spread the word to any other blog that is committing this grievous sin.


Yeah, OK. I can do that.

Keep in mind, though, with comment notification, I don't mind getting comments on old threads, and can always respond.
Excellent point. Done.

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