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Monday, November 20, 2006

Stupid Comment Of The Day

DovBear on Bill Clinton:

Ok, how about greatest president ever? He's certainly top 10, and maybe top 5. W, on the other hand is the worst aside for his father, Harding and Buchanan.

In fact this might qualify for stupidest comment of the year on the J-Blogs, and there have been plenty. More on this tomorrow.


LOL. Clinton will end up somewhere in the middle, probably just above the middle, simply because he didn't do anything particularly bad to the country, while others have. (I believe Taranto has him around 20.)

Bush, for all the hatred of him, will go down in the top 15, probably right around 8-10, once history looks back on everything. Two SC justices who will be on the Court for 25 years, Afghanistan, Iraq [if they don't run from it], a stable country after 9/11, and a very nice job with the economy - not a bad resume. If he'd been able to do Social Security, he could have been right around 5-7. As it is, it may simply depend on what happens with Iran.
What *I* would like to see would be a collection of the stupidest J-blog comments of the year. That would be hilarious.

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