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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Something To Savor...

James Taranto points out that yesterday wasn't a total wipeout...

Here's one result we can gloat about: The Michigan Civil Rights Initiative passed overwhelmingly, 58% to 42% by the latest count. The MCRI bans "affirmative action"--that is, discrimination on the basis of race and sex--in public higher education and government contracting. Victory in Michigan is especially sweet, since it was in a case involving the University of Michigan that the U.S. Supreme Court said some discrimination is acceptable, at least until 2028, as long as the university isn't too honest about it. Anyway, just to be cruel, we'll quote from the DiversityInc report:

Michigan voted to ban affirmative action, 58 percent to 42 percent, with the majority of votes coming from white male conservatives, based on exit polls. Both men and women of color strongly opposed the so-called Michigan Civil Rights Initiative (MCRI), but lacking representation in the electorate diluted the power of their

You've got to love that turgid, self-pitying prose: "lacking representation in the electorate diluted the power of their votes." That's the same thing that happened to Republicans all across the country. It's called democracy, baby.


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