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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Milton Friedman On The Welfare State

Someone over at Volokh Conspiracy provided this link to an incredible interview of Milton Friedman. If you've got some time to spare, watch it. It's amazing.

As I was watching the interview, I was marveling at the tone of the interview. No yelling, no insults, just good intellectual discussion. Why can't we have stuff like this anymore?


A cousin (who is a liberal) whose father worked for many people on both sides of the spectrum (primarily Dems) felt that Clinton didn't heed the warnings of people like Moynihan that he was "ruining political debate" with his attitude when he came into office. He alienated so many people, it caught everyone off guard and people started becoming much more party-focused, resulting in the 1994 arguments and then takeover of Congress. Everything was downhill from there. Clinton actually tried to do something about this, cutting deals with the GOP, but this upset the left of his party.

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