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Monday, August 21, 2006

Some Advice For Young Married Friends

If you see a friend that you haven't spoken to in a while, the first thing you say to them after hello shouldn't be "are you seeing anyone"? It's really irritating.


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Agreed, though that depends somewhat. Some people seem to bring it up themselves rather quickly, or get insulted that you're seemingly "not thinking of them" if you don't broach the subject.

OTOH, single people should try and refrain from "How's married life!?" and "Are you/Is your wife pregnant yet?" [even as/especially as a joke] And yes, we've heard that one.

I had one friend who I almost threw out of my house for saying two incredibly dumb things in the course of 5 minutes - one included the words "knocked up" and I am drawing a blank on the other one [maybe that was the "when do you pop?" one]. I simply said, "That's strike two. One more and you're gone."

I was in a generous mood that day.
If it's followed by "I've got an idea for you" then I don't mind if someone asks me about my dating status. But just for small talk, it really, really gets me upset.

As for single guys, yeah they can be stupid as well. Asking "how's married life" is probably annoying but it's harmless. Asking about a wife's reproductive status, well that's really offensive.
I don't mind "how's married life?" although it's a practically meaningless question. I mean, who after two months of marriage is going to say marriage sucks?
yeah, I can imagine how that would be annoying. Why would someone ask that?
Maybe they have someone for you?
No, he was just trying to make conversation.
when people would say to me "Im Yirtzeh Hashem bie Deer". I would respond: "and by Ox and by Cow and by all the animals in the barn."

It seemed witty at the time, but now sounds kinda stupid. But i 2 was fed up with the idiotic comments from married people like "Your one closer now to your bashert!!" puke, gag. or "You're so picky!!!". screw u, little punk who got lucky and married the first girl u went out with at 19 when u didn't even know what u where doing - stop preaching! (yeah, i was bitter! b'h it's over.)

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