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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Living In The Holy Land

Every so often, I ask myself if I could see myself making aliyah. I worry about finding a job, separating from my friends and family, and wondering if I could find the right neighborhood where I would fit in.

But then I read a story like this, and I realize that maybe it is better here in the triefia medina. We don't have to deal with garbage like this.

Money quote:

Rabbi Natan Weinfeld, a Viznitz Hassid and popular teacher of the daily Talmud page (daf yomi) in Rehovot, said the changes, which he helped initiate, were aimed at eliminating certain severe halachic prohibitions. He refused to elaborate, saying there was a halachic prohibition against publicizing the story because it was slander and would cause a desecration of God's name. Wienfeld also hinted that petitioning the secular district court was prohibited according to Jewish law.

I’m so flummoxed by that statement that I don’t know where to begin. It’s assur to go to a secular court to get Egged to change the bus lines? Huh? Should they be taken to a Din Torah instead?


We don't? For a few (small) examples from the legal profession alone, you can check out

In other areas we have similar mishugasim. They don't exist just in EY.

To paraphrase R. Ozer Glickman: It hurts me that for the first time in 2,000 years, Jews can freely make aliyah. Adn I'm living in America.
What I mean is that while there will always be conflict between the various strains of Orthodoxy, we usually don't get the State involved in our disputes. We don't use the government to push one particular strain of Orthodoxy.
No, we just use it within all strains of Orthodoxy, the Satmar case from earlier this year to name one.
I always thought the treife medina referred to Israel (NOT E"Y).
I think Jack wrote about this...either way the miztvah still exists as does te kedusha regardless of what people do or say. If you want to find problems they exist everywhere

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