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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Megilah Meme

DovBear has tagged me with the Megilah Meme. So here is what went through my mind during layning.

  1. Oh No! Not this Ba'al Koreh again! He's got a really high pitch voice and is tone deaf. But on the other hand, he actually knows how to read Hebrew and he doesn't try to quickly run through the later Hamans like the prior Ba'al Koreh.
  2. Why am I using this tiny Megilah? 4 inches too short for a Megilah. But it gets me lots of attention during Maariv. "Is that thing real"? Yup! "How old is it"? Don't know, but it predates the Holocaust. "Is it Kosher"? Probably not. (I'll post some pictures of it later).
  3. Why exactly couldn't Achashveyrosh reverse his decree?
  4. I understand graggers, noisemakers, cap guns and small explosives. But can someone explain to me why kids bring Silly String to shul? It doesn't make any noise!
  5. If that kids sprays Silly String at me one more time I'm going get him back good.
  6. I got that kid back good- with Silly String!
  7. Poor Haman, his begging for mercy actually looked like he was trying to hit on the Queen. Bad move Haman!
  8. I could sure use a danish right about now
  9. No wait, I'm supposed to be listening to every word! Doh!
Let's keep this thing alive. I tag Romach and the recently engaged Nephtuli.



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