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Wednesday, July 20, 2005


From todays NY Times editorial on Roberts...

"One of the most important areas for the Senate to explore is Judge Roberts's views on federalism - the issue of how much power the federal government should have. The far right is on a drive to resurrect ancient, and discredited, states' rights theories."

Only the NY Times could claim that federalism is ancient and discredited. Someone needs to remind them that Federalism is the entire basis of our sytem of government.


You can say that again!!

I think that after the "blood bath" is over, Roberts will ultimately be confirmed.


NJ from NJ
I've got the feeling that we are going to be in for a bit of a letdown...

All this talk about going to war is going to look silly when Roberts is quietly comfirmed...

The best that the Libs can do is call him conservative. He doesn't have the brash personality of Scalia or Bolton, which seems to upset Libs more than anything else.
The NY Times is not discrediting federalism as a whole, it is discrediting the Conservative take on federalism.

(This is fairly typical for a newspaper which though excellent is clearly liberal. If Conservatives take issue with the liberal bias of the Times, start your own newspaper that is as good as the NY Times!)
The New York Times concept of federalism is that it doesn't exist. The only time I have ever seen the Times agree with states rights is it's support of the New London eminent domain case. (Which really isn't a federalism issue, but a 5th Amendment issue)

Other than that, the Times has consistently supported laws that ignored states rights.

It's well within their right to do so, but to dismiss "ancient and discredited" theories of federalism is laughable.

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