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Monday, September 05, 2005

Bungalows Revisited

I’m normally not a fan of the OrthoJewish human-interest stories that the NY Times has on front page of the Metro section. (See last week’s "Dude, there are so many Jews here" story which was particularly awful)

But today’s story was different. It was funny, actually accurate (a rarity for the Times when discussing OrthoJudaism), and most importantly, could have been written about the colony where I spent 14 summers.

Yeah, the place was a hole in the ground, but that was the point- it was usually so nice outside; who wanted to be indoors? The only time you actually spent time in the bungalow was when you went to sleep. So cares if there was no room!


neverbeen to the collonies
Which law school are you at in NY? -Zoe

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