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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

This Land was my Land...

and now it's your land! Can anyone out there tell me why Kelo v. New London is a good, proper ruling by the Supreme Court? This case my go down in the history books alongside the Dredd Scott case as one of the worst decisions ever.


I don't have a strong opinion on the decision -- I lean more towards it being a bad thing but I do want to offer a story:

I live in an extremely economically depressed area. A few years ago, a major corporation wanted to build a factory here. They found a large piece of (unused) land that would have been just perfect, and offered the owner a VERY attractive price. He refused, wouldn't budge.

So the company went to another part of the state and built their factory there. All of the tax dollars, jobs, and growth that could have been ours now belong to another town.

I wish somebody would have been able to pull eminent domain on the man and force him to sell. Yes, it was his land, and had the company offered him a pittance I would have no problems with him. People who are getting their property seized deserve a fair deal. But one man, in one little town around here, was able to single handedly deny this whole area some very, VERY badly needed economic recovery.

I'm not sure if any one person should have the power to keep a major city and the surrounding counties impoverished. No, the factory wouldn't have solved all of our problems, but it would have been a good start.

Plus I would hate to see corporations start buying up land in an area so they can keep competition out and gain a monopoly in an area.

I'm not saying the Court's decision was right or wrong -- I like to refrain from forming opinions on stuff like this until I've actually read the decision. Just wanted to offer an alternate viewpoint.

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