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Sunday, October 09, 2005


That's all I could say after watching this video...

It seems to have been taken from an AC-130 Specter gunship.

Hat tip- Amshi

Update: Here's another AC-130 video from Afghanistan


Strange video- if it was from an AC-130, the view should change as the plane circles the target area.
They look stationary... and clearly they were never heard. Perhaps on top of a building somewhere?
I've got a similiar video, allegdly from Afganistan, that I'll post soon. It too, is allegedly from an AC-130.

Maybe both videos weren't taken from the AC-130 but is from a drone or something filming an AC-130 strike.
I think it might be video from a Bradley or an Apache given my rdimentary google research on the ready Ammo (300 rounds) and the Targeting system (Tads/FLIR)

Seems stationary though, so probably a Bradley, especially because I didn't seem to hear any rotor noise
That second video is incredible (the first too, but it ain't no AC-130).

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